Interactive Music
Generation Software for Audiovisual Production

We all have in mind movies that earned part of their success thanks to the quality of their music. Finding the perfect match between video and music enables to convey strong emotions and captivate the audience.

Adapting a music to a video can be done in different ways, with variable budgets and various levels of success. Ideally the music is composed to match the image or the image is edited to match the music. Both procedures need expertise, time and imply levels of budgets that many video productions cannot afford.

With our solution you choose the music according to your preferences and budget, and the MuseMind-Music software ensures that this music will follow the action and emotions of the video to create a perfect match.

MuseMind-Music is an interactive Music Generation software for audiovisual production professionals

You are a music composer?

  • Pilot and keep full control over the use of your music

  • Augment your music material with numerous variations

  • Save time in your interactions with the video team

  • Focus on music creation, MuseMind-Music takes care of the musical adaptation

You are an audio integrator?

  • Easily exploit any selected music for your video

  • Focus on the video with the guarantee that the music will fit

  • Quickly prototype to validate music choices

  • Save time adapting music to your videos

Explore new techniques to design new music
and get the most out of your creativity

The user must have proper authors rights to exploit original musical artwork // Legal note