Interactive Music
Generation Software for
Video Game professionals

Video-games evolve with always richer contents. New extensions and additional levels are introduced to increase the game's lifespan and revive gamers’ interests. Games that use procedural generation need more and more music while maintaining high quality and musical consistency.

Games studios have to adapt to keep up with this continuous evolution. MuseMind addresses these issues by offering a powerful music generation tool that enables to get the most out of human creativity while offering powerful artificial intelligence computations.

MuseMind-Music fits into your flow between your DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, ...) and your audio engine (Wwise, Fmod, ...). The software starts from your music tracks (in .wav format) to create a musical material that enables to generate adaptive and procedural music. MuseMind-Music also adapts the music to your trailers and in-game motion-picture.

MuseMind-Music is interactive Music Generation software for video game professionals

You are a music composer?

  • Pilot and keep full control over the use of your music

  • Easily package your music for game usage

  • Augment your music material with numerous variations

  • Save time in your interactions with the audio team

  • Focus on the gameplay, MuseMind-Music takes care of the musical adaptation

You are an audio-designer or audio integrator?

  • Easily exploit the music for your video game

  • Automatically generate numerous high-quality loops for procedural or adaptive music

  • Optimize your interactions with the music composer

  • Save time while adapting music for your video games and trailers

  • Focus on the gameplay, MuseMind-Music takes care of the musical adaptation

Explore new techniques to design new music
and get the most out of your creativity

The user must have proper authors rights to exploit original musical artwork // Legal note